Started: 2021

Time/labour: ︎︎

The Wajarri language version and captioning were developed in close collaboration between Kylie Simpson, a mother, nana and Wajarri speaker and teacher, and Nicole Monks. Kylie's generosity and voice are shared with you here.

Thanks to:
Sound editing: Josh Kirkman (Wajarri), Rebecca Gallo (English)
Video editing and close captioning: Rebecca Gallo

sound // listening // time // instruction // ritual // gift // body // environment


Image: Nicole Monks and Make or Break, wirnda mara ganjarnmanha (Ritual / Gift), 2021, video still courtesy the artists.
wirnda mara ganjarnmanha (RITUAL / GIFT) is a close-captioned listening and observation ritual developed by Nicole Monks and Make or Break for Runway Journal of Experimental Art (Issue #44 TIME, edited by Joel Spring). Over a period of weeks, Nicole, Bec and Connie exchanged ideas cross-Country between Wajarri, Burramattagal and Gadigal lands on the West and East coasts of so-called Australia.

In wirnda mara ganjarnmanha (Ritual / Gift), we collectively offer a distillation of the thinking, touching, listening and looking that we did together. What made us feel slowed, connected and held by place. We offer you this experience, in close-captioned Wajarri or English, to try for yourself wherever you are. Give as much or as little time to this as you wish.

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