Started: 2023

Time/labour: ︎

Thanks to: Helsinki International Art Program & Creative Australia (HIAP Residency for collectives)

observation // object // speculative fiction // text // drawing // translation // non-human


Image: Make or Break, TIME OUTSIDE, 2023. HIAP Open Studios / Spring 2023. Photo by Sheung Yiu.
TIME OUTSIDE is a long-term research project: a shelter for art collectives, critical thinkers and institutions to radically rethink how artists contribute to social, environmental and political change. As part of Make or Break’s residency at Helsinki International Artist Programme on Suomenlinna Island, Helsinki, Finland, the public is invited into the beginnings of this research. Visitors to the studio can select an object, leave their phone in its place, and respond to a prompt with writing, drawing or diagramming.

As an early experiment for TIME OUTSIDE, Make or Break share methods for writing and thinking collectively. These are prompts for ways to think, sense and act differently; a beginning in turning away from human-centred timescales and orientations to the world.

The invitation starts here:


‘We’ve been collecting materials on and off the island. Human-made things that roll in with the sea, fall out of pockets or drift away from picnics. Weeds that grow prolifically and without permission; other weathered flotsam. And the occasional gift from a tree or bird.

Think of these as tools for thinking with. We are turning our attention towards critters, plants, materials, and other rhythms and things happening in this place, to learn with them.

Hold the object you have selected in your hand. Spend some time with it… feel the textures of its different surfaces, edges, materials. Try to imagine its relationship to this place and record your response.’ 


This residency was supported by Creative Australia and HIAP.