Started: 2020

Time/labour: ︎

time // slow // observation // video // text // portal


Image: Screenshot of Make or Break’s contribution to Rituals for Renewal.
An online project curated by Tian Zhang, RITUALS FOR RENEWAL asks artists to create responses to a period of isolation, and the introspection and reflection that this may bring. As the world begins to re-open (and re-close and re-open), and the old ways are called into question, how might rituals help us to re-imagine ourselves, our communities and our world, and ground these imaginings into practice?

Make or Break shared a collection of textual and video reflections on the idea of bridges.


This year we made a project about bridges on the other side of the world, and we’ve been trying to make bridges to it since. … For Rituals for Renewal, we’re starting a daily ritual that is small, contained and introspective. It’s a way of examining that project, but no longer trying to cast a web across the world. Seeing what happens when we build things with materials and objects close to hand, and use this as a way of thinking from the inside out.


Website: Rituals for Renewal