Started: 2018

Time/labour: ︎

Thanks to: Marcus White (Craft Metalwork)

labour // care // failure // debate // award // medal


Image: Make or Break at Verge Gallery for The Failure Debate, 2018, image courtesy of Make or Break.
Make or Break performs an “award service” live, engraving personalised MILLSTONE MEDALLIONS and trophies made from rescued materials to celebrate minor moments of invisible labour, underpaid work and other inconsequential moments.

The Failure Debate at Verge Gallery, University of Sydney was part of the group exhibition Personal Best. Two teams of professionals from various fields explored the value of hard work and the joys of losing, to answer the question: “is it good to fail?”. Make or Break selected zingers and non-sequiturs from each speaker as they competed, and engraved live on personalised millstone medallions, presented to each speaker at the conclusion of the debate.