Published 2016.

ISBN 9781367657243
270 pages, soft cover, perfect bound.

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writing // thinking // labour // studio // artist // audience


Image: Make or Break book, by Connie Anthes & Rebecca Gallo, pub. 2016, image courtesy of Make or Break.
MAKE OR BREAK book is both a reflection and extension of Make or Break’s first project, Make or Break Studio. It features critical essays by David Eastwood, Bek Conroy, Connie Anthes and Rebecca Gallo, exploring the value of artist labour, collaboration and the histories and politics of the artist studio. The first edition was vacuum-sealed in plastic, along with a sprinkling of artist studio rubble.

Make or Break book was self-published following the first iteration of Make or Break Studio, which took place in December 2015 at Firstdraft Gallery in Sydney. The book’s non-hierarchical proliferation and repetition of images of space, materials and assemblages echoes the format of the exhibition itself, where all aspects of the studio process were made public and given equal weight. A copy of the book was sent to each person who contributed materials to Make or Break Studio as a thank-you for their input.