Started: 2016

Time/labour: ︎

Thanks to: Noica Omero (costumes)

economy // currency // labour // privacy // gold


Image: courtesy of Make or Break.
In return for an artist fee, Make or Break shares their LIFE ADMIN process for a predetermined period of time. Dressed in gold lamé onesies, the artists stand at their laptops at a gold table, with both of their screens live-projected onto the wall behind them. They do not communicate, other than through their computers.

This work makes visible the unpaid labour of artists, and exposes conversations, disagreements, banalities and other activities in the life of an artist. Audiences witness the reading and sending of private emails, applying for grants, paying utility bills and studio rent, and whatever arrives in the artists’ inboxes at that particular time. The artists share this content in part for the promise of income — for once, being paid to do ‘life admin’! — but also to make transparent the reality of what it means to operate as an artist under late stage capitalism.

This work was first presented at Art/Work at Kudos Gallery curated by Anna May Kirk in 2016, and subsequently at the Museum of Contemporary Art for Artbar, curated by Kate Scardifield.