Started: 2020

Time/labour: ︎︎

time // text // crowdsource // observation // media // local // citizen // journalism


Image: Screenshot of the Next Wave Festival 2020 launch, with Make or Break’s Hyperlocal Headlines ticker, picturing speaker Libby Harward.
HYPERLOCAL HEADLINES are sourced from the personal and daily domestic observations and revelations of the general public, and uploaded to a series of digital news tickers or billboards in prominent public spaces. Contributors are invited via a targeted invitation or standalone website to submit observations from their front windows, bedroom, backyard or local street in the form of news-style headlines, that when combination build a delightfully detailed and offbeat picture of the hyperlocal.


The seasons are shifting // Wendy Matthews has never received an ARIA #whyndy // I’m eating a cut-up orange and drinking a cup of tea //   Creative strategy for March: shoot this project without shooting each other // Bike has a flat tire. AGAIN #treadsoftly // The world is ending // Preggers. #futurevoter // Access is for everyone! // Emojis are now classified as an international language in addition to English and French #thumbsup #eggplant // Found an UNOPENED jar of Nutella hidden at the back of the cupboard :O !! #blessed #subconsciousprepper


This project was first broadcast as a scrolling TV news ticker during the live video program launch of Next Wave 2020 in pre-Covid March 2020.

Video: Livestream of Assemble Launch (Next Wave)