Started: 2016

Time/labour: ︎

labour // overwriting // biography // time // text


Image: Make or Break, Biography, 2016, 2 x risograph prints in blue ink on pink 90gsm copy paper, A4 size (21 x 29.7 cm x 2 prints), edition of 25 + 2AP, install image courtesy of Make or Break.
BIOGRAPHY is a visual accumulation of artist labour, and the often-inadequate methods we use to qualify and quantify it. These limited edition risograph prints contain all of Rebecca Gallo’s and Connie Anthes’ published artist biographies to date, printed one on top of the other, from oldest to most recent.

This work was first made in 2016. Print pairs can be purchased for $300 (unframed) or $500 (framed), contact makeorbreakart [at] gmail [dot] com