Started: 2016

Time/labour: ︎︎

immersive // experience // video // audio // sound // scent // nature // ASMR


Image: Make or Break, ASMR Recovery Room, 2018, video still, image courtesy of Make or Break.
ASMR RECOVERY ROOM is a one-person immersive experience of darkness, moving image, sound, smell and texture. It is an invitation to step into a different experience of time and space, and reconnect with the natural world through slow, sensory stimulus. This work was first presented in a transformed soccer-mom car for one night only, in an underground carpark as part of an artist-run carboot sale.


Are you somewhere else yet? // It’s time to come back now. Back to this car boot you are in. //  Feel the weight of your body on the mattress and the warm, dark air. // Know that you can always return to this place, where bark crunches underfoot and cool breezes flow through the eucalypts. // For now, the world outside awaits. // Knock on the window and we will return you to it.


This work was created for the Artist Car Boot Sale, curated by Garry Trinh for 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art.